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Flip Top Bracelet w/Richard Salley

Poison Ring w/ Richard Salley

Belt Buckles w/Richard Salley

Belt Buckles w/Richard Salley

Jewelry Meets Sculpture w/ Richard Salley

Jewelry Meets Sculpture w/Richard Salley

Studio & Bench Rental
• Studio Rental | Hourly
Open Studio | Weekly
Bench Rental | Monthly
• Private Instruction

Studio Rental

Studio Rental or Open Studio is a great option for those that have already taken a class or have basic jewelry making skills but want and need space to work independently. Studio rental includes use of all hand tools including hammers, pliers, saws, etc., as well as a jewelers bench equipped with a flex shaft.

Project and/or technique instruction is in addition to the hourly rental fee, and can be arranged on an individual basis prior to the use of the studio.

Studio equipment such as jewelers torches, buffing machines, casting equipment, etc. requires pre-approval and/or training prior to use.

Currently we have Open Studio every Tuesday AND Wednesday from 10-4pm, the 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month from 12-6pm, and on the First Thursday of every month from 5-9pm. More days are coming so check back frequently! Send an email to sarah@quenchjewelryarts.com for more information.

Pay As You Go

$10 per hour

Weekly Open Studio

Tuesdays, 10-4pm
Wednesdays, 10-4pm
Sundays: 12-6pm (2nd & 4th Sunday of every month)

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as the 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month, Quench Jewelry Arts is available for those that would like to broaden their metalsmithing skill-set. Access hand tools, soldering equipment and much more at a reduced rate of $10/hour if you’ve taken a class at Quench Jewelry Arts or with one of the Guest Instructors in the past.

Bench Rental

Quench Jewelry Arts offers monthly rental of fully-equipped jewelers benches, including:

Hand Tools Equipment
• jewelers saw
• hammers
• pliers
• gauges
• other hand tools
• acetylene torch
• rolling mill
• bench shear
• larger equipment (with pre-approval from QJA)

For more information contact Sarah at sarah@quenchjewelryarts.com.

Private Instruction

Quench Jewelry Arts also offers private instruction. Please contact Sarah directly to discuss your needs.

Studio Rental
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